WOD: 7-26-12

Strength: 4 sets of Chin Ups

WOD: 9 min AMRAP:

1 Deadlift (315/225)
1 Push Press (135/95)

1 Deadlift (315/225)
2 Push Press (135/95)
1 Deadlift (315/225)
3 Push Press (135/95)

Continue this pattern adding 1 Push Press per round until time expires.


If for whatever reason you think all of the gymnastics strength training we have been doing the last several weeks has taken away from training in weightlifting, take a trip back in time with me through some of the WODs in July.  This list doesn’t include the workouts that were light or weightless and still fun.

July 5th:  If you actually got out of the house for this one, you would have realized that doing this much work at 155/105 is a bummer

July 6th:  It is not that the Deadlifts were that heavy, it is that they were fast and thus difficult

July 7th:  Whose grip wasn’t tested to the limit in this partner WOD?

July 9th:  1RM Thruster and then 60 more…

July 12th:  How many of you even did the prescribed number of reps!!!

July 13th:  How many of you got to 215/120?

July 14th:  Ask anyone who did this, who long was it before they walked normally

July 17th:  Heavier Deadlifts, faster workout

July 24th:  Light Squat Cleans…sure…how did that set of 9 feel?

And now we have today’s little gem:  9 min AMRAP of Deadlifts at 315/225 (the heaviest we have done in a WOD) and a reasonably heavy Push Press (not a Push Jerk).  This workout is fast, heavy, and relentless.  You will need two bars and we will most likely run two heats.  If you are going to scale, do so as heavy as you can while you can still keep proper form.  Today is going to be fun!

Just wait until we do some actual strength,




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